Is that an A for apple or avocado?

My Essential Tremors (ET) have taken a new tact – they are pretending to select different letters in the alphabet when I create an e-mail: B’s become V’s, N’s, or H’s. Eights becomes U’s.

If I do not double and triple check, I click send and the gig is up!

My e-mail goes to someone I have never met in Nevada! I am spam.

I am a mature woman with ET, a neurological disorder that mirrors Parkinsons and other brain related diagnoses. It is an excessively big inconvenience!

Before ET, I got a sample of a disrupter in my life journey. I was widowed after 30 years of marriage. I was alone with no one to root me on. For years, my husband had been my professional and personal life manager. He often tucked motivational sayings into my briefcase or workout bag when I traveled extensively. Some of these short sayings are in my personal reflections box, so I can return to a known place of comfort quickly. One I enjoy the most: Good morning Sunshine: Time to wake up and give all your subjects the thrill of your presence. I hope your day is sunny, but if it is not: may your smile be your umbrella!” So, I say to you: “May your smile be your umbrella.”

Exercise is noted to be an exceptional way to slow down and live with ET in a more healthy body. There are numerous articles, posts, and podcasts that speak to this. I subscribe to Brain and Life http://www.brainand for far reaching material to help coach me for ET. I also speak to my neurologist about any new issues I might have. We need a cadre of resources to carry us along in a nurturing way. I hope my blog does that for you as well.

I have always been into exercise of one form or another. I began an exercise routine when I was twenty-three years old and fighting off the excess weight from my first child. I was on and off for most of my life, more on than off, but no formal routine. I found myself in the gym at work with other co-workers which resulted in more chatting than hard core exercise. I progressed to a gym membership which offered classes and equipment.

Eight years ago, I met Michael, the forever man in my life. Michael has over 35 years’ experience in managing fitness facilities, teaching workout classes and personal training. Now, I have my own personal coach and a true believer in who I am! Essential Tremors does not stand a chance in taking me down!

Michael coaches from a positive mind set – he says “if you are not dead, you are not done.” Feels a bit insensitive, but I can relate.

My exercise life is built around riding my bike and working out – weight classes, free weights, yoga, Pilates, and Core. My bike riding goal is fifty miles each week: I often hit or exceed this goal: It is so important to be proud of every accomplishment.

I am doing all I can to strengthen my hands and arms to control my “shakes.”

Listen to my short vignette on weight training and consider some of the moves I am demonstrating in this blog. Join me!

My tremors have added a new move to my lip and handshakes.

I now have internal tremors that are like electrical currents running through the body.

My tremors often shake me like a tree limb in a storm.

I can feel them in my center!

Notice my little porcelain bull dog Sweet Pea.  I don't need a big crowd for support!
Notice my little porcelain bull dog Sweet Pea. I don’t need a big crowd for the support!

Should I send a thank you card to my Essential Tremors? Answer: Nope, she already lives to close for comfort. Instead, I have a wonderful asset: One of my very best friends, who has struggled with MS for over 30 years, lets me talk to and write her as if she is my Essential Tremors.

Find your voice and a calming source for your “setting things straight.”

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