A Hard Turn in the Road

Essential Tremors (ET) is like a Sneaky Thief – it casts shadows on our health and well-being.

I don’t accept ET as a given, but rather as a variable. I use all the tools available to me to offset the challenges. I pray you do as well.

One of my newly emerging concerns is that my walking gait is noticeably changing and in essence, deteriorating. Often, I hold my mates’ arms while walking to stay stable. It’s a necessity even though holding hands is a loving, romantic thing to do.

My Neurology Motion Disorder doctor recently completed a DaT scan to determine if I am progressing into Parkinsons’ Disease (PD). I requested the test to quiet my fears that Parkinson’s is my next journey.

The test indicated I have no indicators of PD! The test result doesn’t guarantee that Parkinsons’ won’t appear as I age and my body continues to take the lead.

Since I began my Blog, I have focused on what I can do to maintain a strong physical activity routine.

Many of my posts show images of me in different exercise poses. These poses are meant to show that anyone can do what I do.

Understanding that everything requires some modifications.

I have been following Private Groups on YouTube and Facebook that are encouraging me in speaking out on what many people do to stay as fit as possible. ET has so many challenges, but we can fight back.

We are like drones that can hover over many different areas in a short span of time. Just give us room and solid information to make our own decisions and be there for support.

Many couples work out together, one with ET and one without. How cool! Kids work out with an ET parent or grandparent. More cool!

Being retired opens many doors in time to work out, but I often did many of the same things when I was in my career. With the onset of online exercise videos, many options are available for the working person.

My workout routine is made up of full body weight training 3 – 4 times a week. Flow, Yoga, and Core balance out the weight training. These will strengthen my legs and core, but not fully stop ET. It’s a gain on the win / lose spreadsheet!

A video showing how my hand shakes while riding a bicycle
Video showing how difficult it is to read the watch post a fitness class

I caught the essence of this rainbow while walking. Something that used to be a lot easier in my early introduction to Essential Tremors. The rainbow and the bench were so inviting, calling me to rest for a moment. I took the invitation and sat for a while.

I welcome and appreciate you joining me on the journey.

I will have a super announcement in the next blog. Stop back by!

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