A Hard Turn in the Road

Essential Tremors (ET) is like a Sneaky Thief - it casts shadows on our health and well-being. I don't accept ET as a given, but rather as a variable. I use all the tools available to me to offset the challenges. I pray you do as well. One of my newly emerging concerns is that... Continue Reading →


The color black often reflects an Essential Tremor moment. It doesn’t define me! Before Essential Tremors (ET), I had a beautiful black coffee cup, my favorite to fill with hot coffee when I shared and served up a cup with friends. It was glossy black with a light purple shine, like a rich chess piece.... Continue Reading →

Is that an A for apple or avocado?

My Essential Tremors (ET) have taken a new tact – they are pretending to select different letters in the alphabet when I create an e-mail: B’s become V’s, N’s, or H’s. Eights becomes U’s. If I do not double and triple check, I click send and the gig is up! My e-mail goes to someone... Continue Reading →

Mollie and The Family Tree

Walk across the office floor to the door and back.  Hold out your arms and turn your hands up. Now turn them down.  Write a small sentence. Drink from a glass.  Draw a spiral. Congratulations you passed! You have just gone through your new Doctors Diagnosis process. In his words, I sorted myself out of... Continue Reading →

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