Storytelling is My Gift    

My grandfather was a story- teller, weaving exaggeration in with truth. My dad mimicked him and took over the spot of Family Storyteller when my grandfather died. Recently, I was speaking to my son, a highly accomplished attorney with deep technical experience, on the Internet – hoping he might assist me with administrative details on my blog. During the conversation, he asked “Exactly what is your blog about?” My first reaction was of disappointment that my son had not been regularly reading my posts and thinking of ways to connect me to other women who might have enthusiastic stories of friendship to share.

His next question battered at my feminine spirit. “Mom, do women really want to talk about friendships today? Are you current in your thinking?”

It felt like I was in a room full of voices bouncing off the wall into my ears. A cacophony of sounds that seemed to lead to nowhere of importance. He went on to encourage that I research women’s blogs to be sure my focus has merit. I did not tell him that I had already done that. I have over 30 years of finely honed sales and marketing skills. Argh!

Part of my research before beginning my blog involved recalling hundreds of conversations and e-mails that had built a friendship bridge. This bridge helped me assist other women to interview for jobs more successfully, give encouragement of finish your degree, write that book, build a house, move to a new city, try a new skill, or get a makeover and volunteer.” Well, you get the idea. Yes, the concept of friendships among women makes sense! I have personal, measurable examples of how they matter.

And now that I deal with Essential Tremors (ET) every day, there is a new perspective to life. My storytelling will build on a fresh script to interject. It is an important script.

Once I got through my little whit of a fit, I went back to my writing. My stacks of relative material will keep me on track in moving me forward in my writing. Periodically, I will share stories with you to help elevate your thinking to the amazing dynamics of friendships among women. Take a few moments and walk along with me.

“I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.”

             —Albert Einstein to Carl Seelig, March 11, 1952. AEA 39–013

A bench is one of the best places to create stories