Hi. I’m Gezil, the founder, story teller, athletic warrior, and content creator for A Woman and Her Stories.

I live with Essential Tremors (ET), a neurological disorder that causes involuntary and rhythmic shaking. I have had ET for four years and am really just now learning what to do with the disorder and live out my life with glory and good health!

This website is here to help other women deal with and beat back the dramatic effects of ET.

I utilize physical exercise to strengthen my body to offset the impact of ET on my balance, constantly moving body parts and sense of pride and dignity around those not aware of my disorder.

A Woman and Her Stories is my coming out party for telling what I deal with, why my mouth constantly moves, why I shake when I lift weights and why my gait can cause me to appear to have wobbly ankles.

My site is interspersed with physical fitness routines and demonstrations that can work for others with ET.  My mate is a life-long physical fitness expert, trainer, exercise instructor and personal coach.  I have learned to modify my fitness routine to shape my body and mind.

Inspirational and thought provoking stories will also be within these pages that women of all ages can relate to.  Some are funny. Some are sad.  All are life lessons. 

Some Topics You will learn about :

  • Ways to do exercise that is ET friendly yet powerful.
  • How to adapt to ET with dignity and grit.
  • Being cool while showing off your “personal athlete” and pumping a few muscles.
  • Demonstrating the right moves for safety and vitality.
  • Compare notes, build your own ET diary and move forward. There is no turning back.
  • We all have a role model. Mine is Kathryn Hepburn, one of the first famous, beautiful and real women who was recognized for her tremors. The tremors actually added to her intrigue. Thank you Kathryn!